Facebook Live now lets you add a friend to your live stream

This new feature is absolutely amazing for running interactive trainings and Facebook Live webinars

Facebook Live now lets you add a friend to your live stream

Facebook is releasing a new feature, that allows people to invite a friend for collaborative broadcasts. Very similar to a Google Hangout! You can request a Facebook friend to join, and share your live stream . Facebook first offered this feature to public figures or people who use Facebook Mentions, but now it’s available for all users and Pages going LIVE through the Apple IOS application. As of now, this is for IOS users only, but should hit the Android market rather soon.

Both portrait and landscape modes are available. Facebook puts a priority to the Broadcaster of the Facebook Livestream, and your guys attends in a smaller view which uses picture-in-picture technology. We've tested this new feature and it works perfectly. You may also invite multiple guests to your livestream to create an interactive share accross your viewer base.

This is an awesome feature to grow your viewership, and allows you to groth hack your Facebook Live broadcasts. If you invite multiple people, and they share your feed, you're now building an even larger audience for your Facebook Live.
There's also one more BIG feature releae which adds even more value to this feature:

Facebook Live now has filters similar to Snap Chat, and you can apply these filters while broadcasting your Facebook Livestream. This makes it very fun, and creates additional engagement for your Facebook Live.

If your on an IOS device, we highly reccomend you check this out.

We'll add this as a training lesson for the Live Leap Coaching Series (LLCS) very soon!

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