How to Share Your Screen on Facebook Live

Screen Sharing is now built-in to Facebook natively and allows you to do a Facebook Live screen share with no third party apps

How to Share Your Screen on Facebook Live

Facebook has a feature that you may not know about that makes screen sharing on Facebook live video easy and convenient. Screen sharing is an important part of videos on demand and creating live streaming content. It's the best way to share tutorials, reports, analytics, presentations, images, and even PC gameplay during your Facebook live video. It doesn't matter if you're showing your audience how to create something in Photoshop or giving an online lecture and want to use slides from a presentation - the option to share your screen on Facebook live videos gives you the versatility you need to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. This is a fantastic way to instruct others on how to do anything on their computers in any software or program since the viewers can see you live, in action. Visuals help most people absorb information quicker. We know that a lot of people have been using third party software to achieve exactly this so we decided to write this blog post to show you how easy it is to share your screen on Facebook live with as few steps possible right from Facebook directly.

In the past, there have been many ways to share your screen on live streaming videos that you create on Facebook.  There have been third-party apps and external software that let you do this.  In some cases, people will use an external camera or mobile device to point at and record their computer screen in order to show what's there.  We absolutely don't recommend trying to record your screen with your phone camera because we know you want to show your audience high-quality video and images.   You'll require the correct tools to do this and we are going to show you how the screen share feature of Facebook live works to make your life easier. 

When you are going live on Facebook you have some initial things to set up.  On the same screen where your video description and title are typed in, you'll see the "Share Screen" option right in between the camera and microphone settings.

screen share on Facebook live video

If you have never used this feature before on Facebook then the first time you click on the "Share Screen" button you will be taken to the Chrome store to install the extension that Facebook published. You'll be taken directly to the page to install the extension, just make sure it's the one offered by

facebook screen sharing for live video

Once you've added this extension to Chrome you'll have the "Share Screen" feature available to use anytime you go live from your browser on your desktop. When you click on this button you'll open a prompt box that asks what you'd like to share. You can choose to share your entire screen to your Facebook live video. You'll also have the choice to choose any application currently open on your computer or any tab within the browser you are using.

facebook live video screen share

In the past, you had to use third-party software to share your screen with Facebook Live. Now, you'll be able to share your screen with ease right from Facebook without anything else to download or run on your computer. Take advantage of this simple, but powerful, feature on Facebook!

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