Using Facebook Watch Party for More Engagement on Facebook Videos

Facebook Watch Party: Why and How to Use it

Using Facebook Watch Party for More Engagement on Facebook Videos

Are you using Watch Party to engage with your audience on Facebook? If you are wondering how Facebook live videos are different from Facebook Watch Party and how to use it, we are here to guide you through your first Facebook Watch Party screening.  


What is a Watch Party? 

Watch Party lets you watch videos on Facebook together, in real time. This Facebook feature is available for Facebook Page admins, Facebook group admins and Facebook Profiles to host. You can start a Watch Party and add a replay of any Live video broadcast, any video from your viewing history on Facebook or search out a video from your mentors and partners so you can have a real-time discussion while you watch with others in your community. Think of it as a digital theater where you can gather with your friends, family, online community or audience to screen one or many videos in real time together. It gives you all the perks of discussing a video together.  The only thing missing is the bucket of popcorn to share! This gives you a real second chance to start some meaningful discussions with your Facebook audience for all of your live videos that have been posted and any pre-recorded videos posted to Facebook. 

Why should you care? Facebook's Head of Video Products, Paresh Rajwat, notes that "Watch Parties garner 8X more comments than regular videos in Groups." in a Facebook News blog post. 

Creating a Facebook Watch Party

Step 1: Start by clicking on "Write something.." to create a post on your Page, Profile or in your Group. When you start a Watch Party in a Group as the admin, you'll see the button already there in the post options by default. 


If you are hosting your Watch Party from your Facebook Profile or as the admin of your Facebook Page you must click the three dots found next to the "Feelings/Activity" button.


facebook watch partyfrom page

This will drop open more choices for your post and you can find the Watch Party button there. 

start a watch party on facebook

Write a solid description and titles for your Watch Party to let your viewers know what they are going to be seeing and talking about. Think about what you would want to know before joining someone else's Watch Party and add that information.  This will help drive more viewers and start the engagement with them. 

Step 2: Once you select the Watch Party option a new window will open so that you can choose which video, or videos, you want to screen. There are a handful of tabs in this window that include Search, Watched, Live, Saved and Suggested. Toggle between the tabs to find the video that you want to watch during the Watch Party.

choosing videos for watch party

When a Watch Party is started from Facebook Page there is an additional tab, titled as Page, that allows you to pick any of the videos that have been posted to your Page. 

watch party from a page when adding video

You can line up multiple videos to watch by clicking on the blue "Add to Queue" button, and you have the option to remove them as well. Pick your video or make the perfect playlist and then click "Done" in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Step 3: You are now hosting a Watch Party on Facebook, way to go!  We knew you could do it.

If you started your Watch Party from your Facebook Group then most active members will get a notification that it's started and get a chance to join it.  In addition, top fans and contributors on your Facebook Page and your friends from your Facebook Profile will get a notification about your Watch Party beginning if you chose to host from either of those locations. Feel free to invite new users to join the party with the invite button, or make one of your viewers a co-host so they can pin comments and share information to help you. 

Take this priceless time with your audience to ask questions and request their views on the video you are watching together.  This is a great way to spend some meaningful time with your online community and have genuine conversations with them that truly drive both engagement and traffic.  Throw a Watch Party today and see what happens! 

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