What is a Facebook Token?

Learn what a Facebook Token is and why you need to know about them.

What is a Facebook Token?

You’ve set up your Live Leap route, your videos have been sharing automatically and everything has been going great!  When, suddenly, you experience that Live Leap stopped automatically sharing Facebook live videos to Pages and Groups.  This is due to Facebook issuing a new user token, or "Facebook token", to your Facebook Account. The remedy for this is to complete the Reset Account steps, recreate your route(s) and set Live Leap back to Public in the Facebook settings under the Business Integrations section.

Social accounts will become disconnected from third-party apps like Live Leap from time to time. Whilst we know that this can be frustrating, it's good to remember that this is normal behavior and is usually the result of Facebook making a change to keep your account safe and secure.  Security is of the utmost importance!

The connection between Live Leap and your Facebook Account requires an access token, which can expire for a number of reasons, including password changes and explicit lifespans of an access token. The following information seeks to give you a deeper knowledge of access tokens, and how and when they might expire, resulting in you needing to perform a reset from your Live Leap dashboard.

When do access tokens expire, causing your social account to disconnect?

You will need to reset your Live Leap account under the following circumstances:

  • If the Facebook username is changed

  • If the Facebook account password is changed

Changing your Facebook username or password will result in Facebook removing Live Leap's access to your account because the original credentials that were used to authenticate the account no longer exist.

Below are some of the other reasons an access token may expire:

  • You no longer have Admin access (for Facebook Pages or Groups)

  • You received new Admin access (for Facebook Pages or Groups)

  • You created a new Page or Group

  • You are logging into the FB Account on a new device

  • You are logging into your FB account from many different IP addresses (for instance, if several folks have the email and password login information for your account)

  • You are often logging in and out of several different FB accounts

Facebook's policy wording:

User access tokens come in two forms: short-lived tokens and long-lived tokens. Short-lived tokens usually have a lifetime of about an hour or two, while long-lived tokens usually have a lifetime of about 60 days. You should not depend on these lifetimes remaining the same - the lifetime may change without warning or expire early.

(We here at Live Leap appreciate this is more than a little ambiguous with the use of words like "usually" and "about". We wish we could provide a more definitive answer on this one.)

What this last sentence from Facebook’s policies means is that Facebook will issue new FB tokens to user accounts whenever they see fit.  They have built bots to do this for them and, depending on the activity of your account, these bots will issue new tokens when something matches their protocol requirements. Please bear in mind, though this may be frustrating at times, it's all done for the safety and security of your account.  This means that anyone that you haven't authorized to have access to your account, won't have access. If you’d like some assistance with resetting your Live Leap account and getting a new Facebook token, please send us a live chat from your Live Leap dashboard or from www.liveleap.com and we’ll be happy to walk through this process together to ensure everything gets set back up properly.

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